Back row standing: Big Buccaneer Gordon Dodds (Doddsy) John Crenfeldt (Tulip), Heather Salt (Matron), Deputy Big Buccaneer Paul Fairweather (Fairy), Bruce Gordon (Plod ), Iain Hannay (Witty), John Lewis (Lewey), Ash Peat (Ashley) Sitting Front Row: Rick Hannay (Admiral), Garry Corbett (Gypo)

Old Pirates is a supporter’s group within Te Puke Sports – but with some real differences.

The structure of Old Pirates is rather unique. Our leader is titled ‘Big Buccaneer’ (BB) deputy leader is titled ‘Deputy Big Buccaneer’ (DBB) and the committee is termed ‘The Crew’ which is comprised of six club members, all of whom have either mundane, confused or problematic backgrounds. Regular meetings are held all of which tend to end with less than a satisfactory outcome – it seems that moderate wine-tasting and good solid decision-making are not that compatible.

In the six years since Old Pirates was established Plod, the original BB had to withstand some withering attacks on his ability and conversely, BB responded without mercy when an opportunity to launch an offensive emerged. The result was predictable – a lot of fun and generally some progress that assists the club, its players and members.

Old Pirates is also an entertainment platform. Each year the prestigious Jack Gray Cup is awarded, amidst much fanfare and hilarity, to the Old Pirate member who has achieved the least and performed the worst during the season. The constant challenge is to find a member who doesn’t deserve the trophy!

A regular Old Pirates newsletter is circulated to members. This publication is intended to keep members up-dated on all matters discussed at meetings, decisions made and how subscriptions are spent (yes there is a subscription of $120.00 p.a. reduced to $60.00 for sponsors, $25.00 for out of towners and free for members living outside New Zealand or original senior players from either the Old Boys or Pirates Clubs.

Be warned! – any misdemeanour, poor form, indolence, mis-behaviour or untoward attitude is exposed in the Old Pirates newsletter.

One of the cardinal sins is not to pay your subscription in which case the eerie shadow of treasurer Heather will fall upon you and the consequence is usually dire!

However, on a more serious note, Old Pirates raison d’ existence is the following:

To provide a forum for past members to participate and contribute to the club.

To support the welfare of club members by ensuring that a club standard is introduced for:

  • Farewells
  • Funerals
  • Difficult circumstances ( e.g., player injury causing loss of earnings )
  • Special Occasions / Special Achievements

To ensure the club history is maintained.

To ensure an archives room is developed and maintained.

Any other approved activity that clearly benefits the club and/or its members.

In April 2023 Big Buccaneer, Plod retired from his post and was replaced by his Deputy Doddsy.

Past Big Buccaneer ‘He who still is to be obeyed’

Big Buccaneer he who currently ‘must be obeyed’!

Heather demanding that subs must be paid!

The crew hard at work

Lewy and new Big Buccaneer Doddsy, discussing serious issues


Thanks particularly to Doddsy and N.A.S Construction helped by sponsors Stratco, Ditchfields, Rawhiti Hort, Dobsons and Tin-Can, the scoreboard has been completed for the 2023 season. A great job done by Doddsy!