For the over 35s that “never want to hang up the boots” a great group of men and women that love to run around the paddock and enjoy the social side of life!

Our Golden Oldies team is called the Mutineers which was formed in 2003, to play Golden Oldies you have to be 35 years old so we have an age range from 35  to 73. Once you reach 60 you qualify to wear red shorts which means you can’t be tackled but can be body checked after running 10 metres. Our games are played on a Sunday once a month. We travel around the Bay of Plenty and over the Kaimais to play our games. Our last game of every season is against the Beautineers which is a mixture of wives, partners and children so it’s a big festive family day to end the season.




Bronson Te Aho. Hails from the East Coast and runs Cavanagh Panel and Paint. Has his fingers in a lot of pies which helps when the oldies needs things done. He has a tendency to miss a lot of games due to being a break-down duty driver for Cavanagh’s. When he turns up to committee meetings he is constantly forced to re-introduce himself.  A common comment is….“have you meet our new player Bronson”.


Kim Hinaki. Another Coastie arriving in Te Puke in 1995 after 20 years in the Navy and settled into the club quickly. Is one of the founding members of the Golden Oldies which formed in 2003. Hasn’t got his fingers in any pies but likes eating them. Has the nickname “bossy-britches” but this title is seldom used openly in front of him.

Kim is Club Captain and is one of the real pillars of Te Puke Sports.


Bryan Meyer. One of our oldies that travelled overseas and returned to Te Puke to live. He ran Junior Rugby with his wife Katie for a number of years and was an ardent recruiter for the oldies. Another one with his fingers in a lot of pies and no matter what it is he will give 110% to the cause.


Snoopy McMillin. Snoopy mustn’t like his first name as a lot of the oldies, apart from those he grew up with or did strange things on their OE, don’t know his first name he just answers to Snoop or Bus-Mother. Another one that just likes pies.


Wade Evans. Another fingers in pies man and runs Coastal Fisheries with his wife.  Another player who ran junior rugby and recruited a lot of players for us. Sits on the wing for the team and gets a fright when the ball is passed out to him. He specialises in dropping the ball a lot which Snoopy reminds him every time we have a meeting.